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Did you know the largest Motorcycle dealers across the United States use Eagle One Express to transport their finest bikes all over the country?

The Birth of Eagle One Express

A Motorcycle Shipping company started by Motorcycle Enthusiasts - for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

When you trust your bike to Eagle One, you are getting experience you just can't find elsewhere. Eagle One Express was established in 2002 by two long time motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. Prior to starting Eagle One Express, they spent 5 years specializing in shipping high-end automobiles and motorcycles. In addition to being part of the motorcycle scene - and knowing what is important when shipping that special bike - they each had over 25 years of experience in specialized transportation.

The idea for the company was to provide transportation of motorcycles and motorcycle-related products only - no autos, household goods or any other type of freight.

Company Philosophy

Remaining true to their original idea: Just motorcycles to the motorcycling community directly on a nationwide basis.

As of October 1, 2008, B & B Trucking acquired assets of Eagle One Express. Eagle One Express thereby became part of B & B Trucking. Together we will continue to offer the same personal, reliable, ande professional service as always.

In fact, everyone involved with the shipping of motorcycles at Eagle One/B & B Trucking handles motorcycles day in and day out and many are licensed and experienced riders - and carry their own bike with them on the truck.

Mike and Brad did not set out to be the biggest - just the best. As a small company, we are perfectly suited to provide personal, reliable, and professional service. Now that Eagle One Express is part of B & B Trucking, we can offer better pickup and delivery scheduling. As always we will give you an honest estimate of what we can do.

Motorcycle Transport Companies

Eagle One Express: When you want a true Motorcycle Transport Company to ship your bike - not a broker

Did you know there are only a few true Motorcycle Transport Companies shipping motorcycles only? When you want to ship a motorcycle, most of what you will find are brokers/agents who are just booking shipments for other companies. For example, if you look on the internet and search for "motorcycle shipping", most of your results will consist of brokers or agents, not necessarily a specialized motorcycle transport company. You've got to read that "fine print" to see what you're getting.

Some shipping brokers are booking without any idea of who will ship; they simply work from the fee/deposit received for the booking itself. Some may have their own trucks; however, most do not. In all fairness, there are some very reputable brokers/agents providing motorcycle shipping, but since there are many more that are not, we want you to be able to make an informed decision when you ship your bike.   

You can rest assured that Eagle One Express is a specialized motorcycle transport company. Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us if you'd like to learn more.

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