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Motorcycle Shipping Choices

There are some different choices for the type of shipping services available when it’s time to have a motorcycle shipped. Below are explanations of these different services. Remember to compare like services when comparing rates, as some companies may seem to have a less expensive rates while not offering as much service as one that may be slightly higher. When a like comparison is done you may find the less expensive company to be higher.


1. Specialized Motorcycle Carrier:  These are trucking companies that are dedicated to the shipping of motorcycles and motorcycle related items only, no household items, general freight or other vehicles. Specializing in motorcycles only makes these companies the most experienced handling motorcycles in the shipping industry. Most ship ready to ride so there is no prep work for shipping. These companies will generally offer the highest insurance coverage on motorcycles; most without a deductable to the customer. Shipping with this type of carrier requires no pallet or crate with most. There are only a small amount of true specialized motorcycle carriers offering nationwide and regional service in comparison to other types of carriers.

2. Auto Transport Companies: These companies transport automobiles either on open trailers or in enclosed. This is there specialty. Some may offer motorcycle shipping also, many that do though broker the shipping to another company as they're not equipped to transport motorcycles.  If you ship with an auto transport company, check to see with who and how the motorcycle will be shipped.

3. Agents: These companies may have trucks of their own or may just be booking agents for a specific company e.g. van lines or freight carriers. With these types of companies most require the motorcycle to be drained of fluids and batteries to be disconnected along with the motorcycle being palletized or crated. Many van line companies have been shipping motorcycles for years on a pallet. The motorcycles are handled by numerous people and places in this kind of shipping system. They have found that palletizing or crating is the safest way to handle the motorcycles to reduce damage. Note: If crating is required there may be an additional charge for crating on top of the shipping charge.

4. Brokers: These companies book shipments for a fee/deposit, then find someone to transport the motorcycle. Most don’t have trucks at all, while some are trucking companies brokering out the motorcycles they can’t or don’t handle for a fee. Make sure if you use a broker for shipping that the trucking company that transports has cargo insurance that covers motorcycles and find out how it will be transported.

5. Internet Sites:There are many sites offering ways to save on the cost of shipping. Many work where an item to be shipped is posted for perspective shippers to bid on. This may have been a good concept, unfortunately it doesn’t seem too turned out well. Many of the bidders for shipping services are not operating legally and some of the legitimate ones are operating on the fringe. BEWARE, when looking for cheap shipping you may end up with sub-standard shipper.

In review of these choices for shipping, remember motorcycles are not your average type of freight to be shipped; dealing directly with the trucking company is always the best. This will minimize any misunderstandings that may occur when third parties are evolved e.g. brokers/agents. You always want to choose a company that handles motorcycles on a regular basis, one that is licensed by the US Dept. of Transportation FHWA and fully insured with coverage for motorcycles as their cargo. Give us a call or email us for more information.